This page presents the actions investors can take in the focus area of the Investor Climate Action Plans (ICAPs) Guidance.  

For what the Investor Agenda does to advocate to policymakers on the global and international stage, and in regional jurisdictions, via Country Policy Groups – see ‘Global and Regional Policy Advocacy’.

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Investors are a key influence on policymakers and, therefore, policy engagement by investors is an important extension of these investors’ responsibilities and fiduciary duties to their beneficiaries.  

The case for investors to engage on climate change and sustainable finance policy is clear. Advocacy for policy frameworks that unlock investment opportunities and scale up capital flows into low-carbon assets, adaptation measures, and ensure a just transition for affected workers and communities is essential in tackling the climate crisis and protecting long-term returns.  

Investors bring a unique voice and perspective to the policymaking process, both directly in their own right and in terms of the levers they have over companies and their own lobbying practices. 

Policy measures relating to corporate and other disclosures should also ensure that investors can take full account of the risks and opportunities presented by climate change in their decision-making, thereby maximizing their ability to generate sustainable returns and create long-term value. Within the real economy, investor action on corporate engagement can (and does) achieve significant progress, but often policy and regulation are the only route to achieving sector-wide change by addressing market failures and fragmentation. 

Find out how to progress through the ICAPs tiers, including by taking action on policy engagement, in the ICAPs Guidance here. 

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