It’s time to take action!

In 2017 Christiana Figueres highlighted the year 2020 as a turning point for climate change.

While many investors are inspired by this opportunity, they lack the support to take action on low carbon investments, with supply cited as a key challenge. Additional issues include definition and interpretation, fiduciary duty and consistency with previous commitments.

The Investor Agenda provides the guidance investors need to act boldly, swiftly and collectively to help keep global temperature rise below 2˚ Celsius. It will also amplify investor voices calling for government implementation of the Paris Agreement, and increased support for low-carbon initiatives by policymakers.

The Investor Agenda does not make any of the four action areas mandatory

The Investor Agenda makes it easy for investors, businesses, policymakers and other stakeholders to see who has taken voluntary action and which initiatives they have committed to.

The Investor Agenda’s four focus areas are supported by the global investor community. This includes the seven Founding Partners of The Investor Agenda – Asia Investor Group on Climate Change, CDP, Ceres, the Investor Group on Climate Change, the Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change, Principles for Responsible Investment and UNEP Finance Initiative – as well as supporting partners from around the world.

The Founding Partners will produce an annual report on the level of investor support for the actions and initiatives promoted by The Investor Agenda, and the outcomes that have been achieved.

The four focus areas

While they are not mandatory, the four focus areas reflect the goals of the Paris Agreement and are designed to accelerate and scale up investor action on climate change.

  1. Investment
  2. Corporate Engagement
  3. Investor Disclosure
  4. Policy Advocacy