Public policy provides the signals and incentives that direct the flow of capital across the global economy. Policymakers need to create policy frameworks that support investment in low-carbon assets, enable investment in adaptation measures, and enact a just transition for affected workers and communities. They also should ensure that investors take full account of the risks and opportunities presented by climate change in their decision-making.

Investors are a key influence on policymakers and, therefore, policy engagement by long-term investors is an important extension of these investors’ responsibilities and fiduciary duties to their beneficiaries.

The 2021 Global Investor Statement to Governments on the Climate Crisis opened for investors to support on 1st March 2021, and will close in advance of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) taking place on 1st – 12th November 2021.

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Sign on to the 2021 Global Investor Statement to Governments on the Climate Crisis

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Please email Emelia Holdaway, Co-Chair, Policy Working Group, The Investor Agenda at with any questions.

Recent Investor Agenda policy advocacy activity

In May 2020, the CEOs of The Investor Agenda Founding Partners issued a special statement setting out key recommendations for world governments to deliver a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic that supports net-zero emissions investment. Following on from this, an investor statement to EU leaders on sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic was issued in June 2020.

In March 2021, the CEOs of AIGCC, CDP and PRI called upon the Government of Japan to adopt robust and ambitious policy measures to increase investor confidence in mobilizing private capital towards the net-zero emissions energy transition.

In April 2021, CDP, Ceres and PRI issued a common letter to US policymakers setting out bold and effective action to address the Climate Crisis.

In June 2021, CDP, IGCC and PRI released a plan for Australia to adopt a mandatory financial disclosure for climate change risks over the next four years to help cut red tape for business and protect national economic stability.

In July, CDP, Ceres and PRI issued a common letter to US policymakers calling for a broader and bolder bipartisan federal infrastructure package that will better support the just and inclusive transition to a net zero emissions future.