Public policy provides the signals and incentives that direct the flow of capital across the global economy. Policymakers need to create policy frameworks that support investment in low carbon assets, enable investment in adaptation measures, and a just transition for affected workers and communities. They also need to ensure that investors take full account of the risks and opportunities presented by climate change in their decision-making.

Investors are a key influence on policymakers and, therefore, policy engagement by long-term investors is a necessary extension of these investors’ responsibilities and fiduciary duties to their beneficiaries.

Following an initial launch for the G7 Summit in June, on 12-14 September – as global leaders from business, investment, civil society and government met in San Francisco at the Global Climate Action Summit – 345 investors managing US $30 trillion called on world governments to:

  • Achieve the Paris Agreement’s goals;
  • Accelerate private sector investment into the low carbon transition; and
  • Commit to improve climate-related financial reporting

As the statement was showcased, The Investor Agenda partner organizations called for more investors to act on climate by signing the statement.

We invite asset owners and asset managers to sign the 2018 Global Investor Statement to Governments on Climate Change

The list of signatories will remain open until 15 November, at which point it will be updated ahead of the G20 Summit in November in Argentina and COP24 in December in Poland.

The Investor Agenda partner organizations have also released a briefing paper outlining the key asks in the statement. You can read the statement and the briefing paper below.

Download – The statement

Download – The briefing paper

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  • Only institutional investors (asset owners and asset managers only) are eligible to sign the statement.
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  • By signing the statement, you consent to your organization being publicly listed as active under the policy advocacy focus area of the Investor Agenda.
  • The contact person’s name and email will be held securely by the Investor Agenda team and not published. The contact person must be authorized to sign on to the statement on behalf of their organization.