Global investors seek increased climate action from the world’s governments

733 investors collectively managing over US$52 trillion in assets are calling on governments to raise their climate ambition and implement meaningful climate policies ahead of COP26.

About the 2021 Global Investor Statement

The 2021 Global Investor Statement to Governments on the Climate Crisis has now been signed by 733 investors with over US$52 trillion in assets under management.

Investor Action Pack

An Investor Action Pack is available to support signatories to advocate for the recommendations in the Global Investor Statement, including a template press release, letter to policy-makers, talking points and social media assets. Signatories can email to receive these templates.

You may wish to watch one of these webinar recordings, which provided GIS signatories with further knowledge on how they can become active advocates using the Investor Action Pack.

Investor Advocacy (slides)

Download the presentation